Warehouse Floor

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Self Leveling Epoxy on a Warehouse Floor


Surface Condition

The warehouse flooring already has an existing epoxy coating. The existing coating was a thin and dilapidated it is not suitable for the heavy traffic that the floor receives. The floor needs to be stripped and repaired before any coating application.


Surface Preparation

The surface preparation team first needed to remove the existing coating using a planetary grinder with a coating removal attachment. The next step is another pass using a Planetary Grinder with a planing attachment. All this grinding must have minimal dust so there is a vacuum attachment with all the machines used. Our team covered the bottom layers of the racking with blue sheets ensuring the protection of the products.


Primer and Repair

Carmacoat Epoxy Primer was applied in segments as the area is still in operations. The application Epoxy Putty was also in segments to ensure the continual operation of our client. The team had full communication with the client in every step.



The application of Carmacoat Self-Leveling Topcoat to the warehouse flooring was also applied in segments like the primer and putty.


Lane Markings

After curing for 24 hours we then applied our 2″ Safety Lane Markings(Yellow) to the clients specification. Ensuring that the bottom pallet is always aligned. Giving the forklift operators a guide while picking and placing the bottom pallets.



The coordination of our team and the client made this project successful. Planning and execution are the key to every project.