Roof Deck Waterproofing

Roof Deck Waterproofing

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Roof Deck Waterproofing with a UV Resistant Multicolored Anti-skid Finish


Surface ConditionRoof Deck Surface Preparation

The area was rough and unfinished concrete roof deck. The concrete was poured more than 30 days prior to application of waterproofing.


Surface Preparation

We prepared the surface using hand grinders with a diamond cupwheel and steel brush attachment. The area will be receiving a concrete topping so the preparation did not require a smooth finish.

Fiber Reinforced Membrane Sandwiched in Epoxy Coating


Primer and Fiber Reinforcement


We applied Carmacoat Epoxy Primer to the entire area, after curing we then applied the fiber membrane sandwiched in between epoxy coating. You can see it in the image on how we sandwiched the fiber matting.



Concrete Topping and Epoxy Midcoat

The next step required a concrete topping. We used an Epoxy bonding agent to bond the new wet concrete. This step required that we applied the concrete in segments. The new concrete will be applied while the Epoxy Bonding Agent is still a little bit wet and tacky.

Roof Deck UV Resistant Topcoat


Topcoat and Coving

The corners of the cured concrete was applied with an epoxy coving to remove the hard corners to ensure waterproofing. The entire area was then primed with Carmacoat Epoxy. The area was then applied with a UV Resistant Anti-Skid Topcoat with Multiple Colors as per design of the Architect.





This was a lengthy project that was a little bit less than a month, but it was worth it! This process will ensure that there will be no leaks for more than 20 years. This Roof Deck Waterproofing is both aesthetically pleasing and functional thanks to the men and women who made this project a huge success.