Plastic Manufacturing Floor

Plastic Manufacturing Facility

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Plastic Manufacturing Facility Floor prepared and coated with Self-Leveling Epoxy


Surface Preparation

Surface Condition

Excited to share to you this Plastic Manufacturing Facility Floor. The floor condition was one of the dirtiest and darkest floor we have ever seen. The flooring which was covered with dust, dirt, grease, fumes and various oils had to be removed. The floor needs to be restored to its original concrete surface prior to any application of coating.


Surface Preparation.

We prepared the surface using a Planetary Floor Grinder to open the concrete pores to ensure maximum bond strength of the primer. We then used Carmacoat Concrete Cleaner and Carmacoat Floor Degreaser to the entire area to remove the deep seeded oil and dirt. You can see in the picture the before and after picture of the concrete. Amazing!

Primer and Repair

We applied Carmacoat Epoxy Primer to the entire area, after curing we then used Carmacoat Epoxy Putty to fill in the craters and cracks to ensure a smooth finish free from cracks and divots.



We then applied the Carmacoat Self-Leveling Epoxy Topcoat to the entire area. It was an easy application as the floor was well prepped and even prior to application of the Topcoat.

Safety Lane Markings

After curing for 24 hours we then applied our 2″ Safety Lane Markings(Yellow) to the clients specification. This ensures foot and vehicular traffic division. The production machine are were well defined. Safety Markings(Red) was also applied in the fire extinguisher and danger areas.


The results was more than satisfying for everyone. Our team was proud on what they accomplished. The client was amazed with the transformation. Now the floor will be easy to clean. With proper maintenance the floor will be clean for years to come. This roughly 2,000 sqm project was accomplished in 5 days plus one day curing for foot traffic and 3 days curing for forklift traffic. Full cure was 7 days for the full Chemical Resistance.