Designer Flooring

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Designer Flooring for Commercial and Office Spaces

Surface Condition

This Designer Flooring is proudly brought to you by the team of Carmat Coatings. The floor had an existing colored self-leveling epoxy which was bonded to the concrete very well.


Surface Preparation

We prepared the surface using a Planetary Floor Grinder to lightly scratch the surface so that the base coat will adhere effectively. A small area needed to be leveled by epoxy putty.


We applied Carmacoat Epoxy Primer (White) as a basecoat as the design was light. The basecoat is needed in order to hide the previous colored coating.

Metallic Design Coat

We then poured all four(4) colors to the entire area. The coating does not need to cover the entire area immediately. We then used a squeegee to spread and blend the colors for the design. We then backrolled the poured coating to evenly paint the entire area watching for uncoated surfaces.

Clear Coat

After curing for 24 hours, we then applied our Carmacoat Clear Sealer which was UV and Abrasion Resistant to lock in the design.


This was a nice and quick project that required only 2 days with one day curing for foot traffic and 3 days curing for forklift traffic. Full cure was 7 days for the full Chemical Resistance.