Polyurethane Mortar Commercial Kitchen Floor

Commercial Kitchen

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Polyurethane Mortar for a Commercial Kitchen Floor

Surface Condition

At first glance the area really needs a coating suitable for a Commercial Kitchen Floor. The area started as old tiled flooring which had missing and broken tiles. The tiles were solid and installed very well. Deep seeded dirt in the grout caused bacterial growth.


Surface Preparation

We prepared the surface using a Scarifier in order to embed the primer ensuring maximum bond strength. We then used Carmacoat Degreaser to the entire area to remove the deep seeded oil and dirt.


Primer and Repair

We first used Carmacoat Epoxy Mortar to fill in the grout marks, craters and cracks to ensure a flat surface. We then applied Carmacoat Epoxy Primer to the entire area while broadcasting the silica sand.



We then applied the Flowcrete Polyurethane Mortar 6mm thick. The product has the best quality among all the polyurethane mortars we have applied so far.



This was a nice and quick project that required only 2 days with one day curing for foot traffic and 3 days curing for forklift traffic. Full cure was 7 days for the full Chemical Resistance. The Commercial Kitchen Floor is now ready to receive daily abuse from scalding oil to dirt and bacteria. It is now very easy to clean and discourages bacterial growth.